ZoomWithOurFeet.com - Coming Soon!

Pod MicJoin us for the launch of ZoomWithOurFeet.com – the ultimate Resource Lab for anyone aspiring to master the camera arts in media production.

While we build our online Lab, check out the ZWOF Podcast:

  • New episodes drop every Friday.
  • Interviews feature professional creators in Photography, Cinema, and Broadcast.
  • Guests talk about their journey, offer cool technical tips (and funny stories!) and give great advice on how you master professional media production situations.

What's In The Works

Photography Basics: Courses, Workshops, 1-on-1 Tutoring

Master the fundamentals of photography and start your photo journey journey mastering the magic of manual settings.

Filmmaking Essentials

Learn the art of cinematic storytelling and how to create compelling films from working professionals.

Industry Insights

Get up-close and personal with leading image makers and how they started their professional journey.

Creative Community

Connect with like-minded creatives who share best practices in our exclusive community.

My Work!

(ps...See ya soon!)